3 Tips to Self-Care


Let’s turn our focus on 3 ways we can begin to self-care. Is it fair to say, it is the end of a long week or even an era? Phew…. If we are feeling stressed, anxious or wanting to isolate, what we are feeling is emotional fatigue.

Just as we can feel physical fatigue after a hard workout or long day at work we can also feel fatigue emotionally. For example, working long hours with few or no breaks, caring for loved ones and not taking care of ourself, obsessive thinking, poor stress, and/or time management. All of these can lead to emotional fatigue and begin to break us down. We may cry, get angry, become impulsive, experience high anxiety, have a lack of motivation and/or feel paralyzed because everything becomes too much.

I have 3 tips on how to take care of ourself through self-care. Here we go….

Tip #1: Take care of our body, it’s the only one we’ve got!

Eat well balanced meals, this doesn’t mean, “diet.” I’m talking about getting back to the basics, eating fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins to keep our body running at it’s best!

Exercising is a great way to boost energy and keep our body in tip top shape! I know, I know, where do we find the time? Exercising can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths (I call this lung exercises), stretching or yoga, squats while we brush our teeth, or sit-ups/pushups during commercial breaks. Once these exercises become habit, let’s step it up and go for a walk around the block, go on a hike, ride our bike or start lifting some weights.

Take control of our sleep! Many of us experience what is called, “Revenge Sleep Procrastination.” Some of us don’t know how to control our day, YET, and allow our day to control us. When we do this we try to gain a sense of freedom or relaxation during night time hours instead of getting a good night sleep to set us up for the next day. Let’s start by setting a realistic bedtime. An hour before this time is when we should start to unwind, i.e., wash your face, brush your teeth, begin to log off all devices, turn the television off, and start a meditation/prayer routine or read a book. When it is time to go to bed turn the lights off and go to sleep.

Tip #2: Take some time to unwind throughout your day.

Breaks are so important, even on our days off take a break from whatever you are doing. Another way to look at taking a break is to take a nice gentle pause. This is a great opportunity to do a self-check in, ask yourself how you are feeling, i.e., angry, sad, lonely, tired. It’s ok to feel, it’s more important to identify how we feel so we can sooth ourselves to feel happy, calm, relaxed and/or mindful again.

Other ways to unwind would be a 2-5 minute meditation session, pray, stand up and take a deep breath in while we raise our arms to the sky, then blow all the toxins out as we shake our arms out, roll your head from side to side, or maybe do a few little jumps to get pumped up!

Tip #3: Connect with others!

In the fast paced world we live in, where social media and texting is at the tips of our fingers, literally… It is so important we take some time and call someone we care about. Hearing their voice provides us with a deeper emotional connection that we need. Just as a mother or father's voice helps to soothe a baby, hearing the voice of someone we care about helps to sooth us as adults emotionally and mentally. Think about how you feel after a good chat session with your best friend, you feel good and energized, right? Since we are living in an era of social distancing, follow these calls up with a zoom party or a social distance picnic so you can see your loved ones. It is important to have these connections and utilize them as much as possible. Think about your 5 senses, sight, hear, smell, touch and taste, the more we utilize these the more in tune we become with ourselves and those around us.

I hope this helps in this very interesting time we are living in. If you have any tips you would like to share please feel free to do so. We are in this together, nobody gets left behind!

I hope you all have a beautiful day and don’t forget to live with purpose!

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