30 Minutes or Stress

Who can relate…..

Before Sara went to bed she set her alarm for 5 am to have some time to herself to meditate, plan her day and have her coffee in some peace and quiet before her husband and the kids woke up.

Sara’s alarm went off at 5 am and she hit snooze at least 3 times. Now her husband is stirring and the baby woke up early. EEEKKKKKKK!

Sara begrudgingly gets out of bed, the baby is wailing, and Sara hasn’t had a chance to prepare his breakfast since she overslept and she can’t seem to catch up, or catch a break. AND SHE'S ONLY BEEN AWAKE FOR 5 MINUTES, EEEKKKKK!

Is stress the cause of the problem?


Is stress the result of the problem?

Here are the 3 levels of stress we can experience.

  1. Distress: When we are suffering, in misery or agony. Distress implies we have an external and usually temporary cause of great physical or mental strain.
  2. Stress: When we have a physical, mental or emotional factor that causes tension within our bodies.
  3. Eustress: This is when we have a positive form of stress causing a beneficial effect on our health, motivation and emotional well-being.

Many times we have been living in a state of stress that it is now our constant and we don’t even realize we are stressed until we become distressed. Yikes!

Let’s cut to the chase and figure out how to reduce our stress.

  • GET SOME SLEEP! Turn the devices off and go to bed lady!
  • Get your body in motion; go for a walk, stretch, exercise, do something!
  • Feed your body healthy nutrient dense foods. No more late night runs to the freezer or pantry.
  • Meditate/Deep Breathing Exercises/Journal/Yoga

I totally get it, you’re probably saying, “Marie, are you crazy! I’m a busy women, I’ve got kids, a husband, work, how am I going to find the time to do any of this?”

It’s ok, I’ve got you!       All I’m asking is for you to commit to investing in YOU for 30 minutes a day. Hell, you can even break it up into 3/10 minute increments.

Start small, just do it today.

Then again tomorrow.

Maybe commit to 1 week.

Then another week.

Before you know it, you’ll have a pretty solid healthy habit in your life.

You are worth it and I believe in you. Now go on, live with purpose!

Marie xoxo

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